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Evopest is a professional pest control company operating in the greater cape town for 15 years

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About Us

Evopest is a Professional pest control service

EvoPest has built a reputation, both within the residential and commercial sectors, providing much needed services such as pest control, certificate of compliance, upholstery cleaning and building improvement and maintenance.

Over the years, EvoPest now has monthly clients that depend on us to keep their homes and businesses free of pest.

Rodent Control
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Cockroach Control

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Sanitation and disinfecting

With our disinfecting service, our solution physically destroys cell walls through surface tension technology while, Chemically eliminating any new pathogens.

 Covid-19, and eliminate the risk of contamination with our effective fogging service.


cockroach control

We use  wet-and-dry vacuums to suck up dirt, small debris and any cockroaches hiding in these areas. Then, they seal holes and openings with mesh or caulk to keep bugs out


Rodent control

Evopests rats specialists use chemicals and odors such as the smell of naphthalene, as well as several natural scents such as the smell of citronella, peppermint and eucalyptus oils


flea & tick control

We physically remove flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Bedding – frequently with our special Products – treating affected areas by using safe and effective flea control products where immature fleas may be located


bird proofing

We do Bird lice, inspections, closing of the gaps, free the birds, clean the ceiling or rafters and fumigate for BirdLice


We have always taken pride in customer service and going above and beyond the line of duty.

Very quick and responsive service each time i call they pick up and attend my problem ,Highly recommend their services
Andrew Hicks
Evopest comes very highly reccommended their staff is very effecient and is knowledgeble of what they do,Brent knows his stuff,on time serivces seems to be the motor
Mike Hughes
What amazing services from evolutionpest control,staff was very helpful and knowledgeble of the service they provide,job was done quickly and effeciently at a extremely affordable rate ,Thank you very much!!


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We have a 24 hour 365 days over hour solution feel free to contact us anytime of the day ,on our emergency number