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Mouse & Rat Control


The pest control officer will first track where the rodent enter  your home ,then close up all openings and install bait stations and rebait on a month to month basis until your home is rodent free. 

Bird Proofing Inspections


Each bird carries 1000ecto parasites that easly spread throuout the home , we first remove the bird nest unharmed to a safer place ,and because these parasites /lice stay behind and spread throughout the entire home therefore Evopest offers birdlice fumigationwhich include fumigating the mattress,curtains aswell as carpets 

Weed Control


Weed control is what we do best, put us to the test.

Cockroach Control


Our pest officer carefully ispects where there Roach’s are, to perfome what is known as the gelling method which requires applying our special gell in all corners of the cubords preventing the crowlers from breeding.

followed by the oderless spray throughout the home to prevent food poiseining aswell as spreading the eggs. 

Flea & Tick control


This requires an inside out full house spray/fumigation and also a repellent spray to keep them from breeding for the next six months ,

We take care of your flea or tick problems,there wont be a trace of fleas after we are done with our work thats our promise to you.

Mole Removal


We take care of the mole’s from under the ground there wont be any moles after we are done .

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